Liz Dominguez

Full-stack Web Developer based in Seattle.
My projects incorporate responsive, mobile-first UI/UX designs.
About Me

I'm a Seattle based web developer with experience creating projects that utilize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the backend MEAN Stack. My goal is to become a confident full-stack web developer.

My projects incorporate responsive, mobile-first UI designs using media queries or UI frameworks like Bootstrap and Semantic UI. Javascript and back-end technologies help me deliver a seamless UX.

One of my new-found hobbies is game development in C#. I realized that making games keeps my OOP fundamentals sharp, and I also have a lot of fun designing them using open source resources.

Main Skills



JavaScript & JQuery




Node.js & Express.js & Angular.js







B.S. Electrical Engineering

University of Florida — August 2017


Intern at The Tech Toybox

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Camp Compass

A camp application that allows users to add, edit, delete, and comments on campsites. The application includes a MongoDB database, RESTful routes, data associations, user authentication, and google Maps API.

RFID Animal Shelter System

MYshelter is a hardware/software animal shelter management system that keeps track of the pets and their availability through an RFID tag. The tag is scanned by a receiver and a microcontollers send the daa via a wifi module to a database. The information is then displayed on a website for pet adoption.

Blog Site

A full-stack blog site that allows you to add, edit, and delete blog posts using a MongoDB server and Semantic UI.


A Javascript calculator with the functionality of a real calculator.

Weather Application

A weather application using OpenWeatherMap API and Google Geolocation API. The application changes background depending on temperature and changes the sun to a moon from day to night.

Wikipedia Viewer

A Wikipedia viewer using the Wikipedia API that displays a user's search results, and provides a random search when the "W" is clicked.


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Text Adventure

A text adventure game in C# made using the Unity Game Engine. The goal of the game is to escape the dungeon and save the princess.

Number Wizard

A number game in C# made using the Unity Game Engine. Can you beat the computer at guessing a number?