Liz Dominguez

Software Engineer based in Seattle.
About Me

I'm a Seattle Software engineer with 4+ years of experience and a proven knowledge of application development, web design, and programming. Originally I was on track to becoming an Electrical Engineer, but upon graduating university, I finally had to face the fact that I really didn't want to work in that field. Not to mention that my only inspiration for studying EE was Electrical Engineer Bill Chappell from Ghost Adventures (sarcasm). And when my senior design proffessors refused to grant me permission to demo my own ghost equipment because I couldn't prove that it was working... Well, I decided to seek a career that would allow me to be more creative. Hence, web development.

Speaking of hobbies, I've been working on a couple web-dev projects at a time: short JS-centered web games like tic-tac-toe, a full-stack project to help my messy friend manage his bookmarks, and some open source contributions. Since I work full-time, my progress is pretty slow, but I post some highlights here once they're done.

Main Skills





JavaScript & JQuery




Node.js & Express.js & Angular.js





B.S. Electrical Engineering

University of Florida — August 2017


Software Engineer

Freelance Web Developer

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Camp Compass

A camp application that allows users to add, edit, delete, and comments on campsites. The application includes a MongoDB database, RESTful routes, data associations, user authentication, and google Maps API.

RFID IoT System

This project is an IoT "item" management system that keeps track of shelter pets and their availability. An RFID tag is scanned by a receiver, and its ID is Manchester-decoded and sent to an SQLite database. The database information is then displayed on a full-stack website on AWS that was created using HTML, CSS, and Flask.

Pomodoro Timer

A Pomodoro timer that allows the user to select work and break times. Once it's time for a break, the user is alerted with a ring.


A Javascript calculator with the functionality of a real calculator.

Weather Application

A weather application using OpenWeatherMap API and Google Geolocation API. The application changes background depending on temperature and changes the sun to a moon from day to night.

Wikipedia Viewer

A Wikipedia viewer using the Wikipedia API that displays a user's search results, and provides a random search when the "W" is clicked.


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Text Adventure

A text adventure game in C# made using the Unity Game Engine. The goal of the game is to escape the dungeon and save the princess.

Number Wizard

A number game in C# made using the Unity Game Engine. Can you beat the computer at guessing a number?


The classic Minesweeper game in Java. Play using the console.